A free and quick online 5CAN of your organisation using the 5C framework

Double Loop has developed a quick scan to enable organisations to easily, and without further obligations, experience the 5 capabilities framework. The 5CAN provides insight on the way staff members perceive their organisation. It is based on the 5-capability model by ECDPM[1]. And….

  • It is a survey that only takes 10 minutes to complete
  • The results will be sent immediately after all participants have answered the questions
  • Results present scores on each of the 5 capabilities
  • The report provides suggestions for organisational improvements
  • All of this for free
  • Two different versions: As the Dutch MFSII assessment method is slightly different, we have a special MFSII version (*The main difference is the description of the capability to commit and engage, which is the capability to act and commit in the MFSII version. This also has certain implications for the capability to carry out tasks/ deliver on organisational objectives. The MFSII version scores on a 4 point scale instead of a 5 point scale of the standard version.)

How does it work?

Invite at least 3 (but preferably more, with a maximum of 20) colleagues to complete the questions. Each colleague will receive a mail message with the questionnaire and can complete the questions individually and anonymously. After all questionnaires have been completed, a report on the perceptions of your staff and colleagues will be sent by mail. The information is treated with absolute confidentiality. Responses to the questions are analysed anonymously and no information will be shared with third parties.

What will it look like?

The report provides details on the scores including a graphic display. Highest and lowest scores are highlighted, as well as scores where the staff disagree most. Suggestions for organisational improvement are given.

A 5CAN example for the standard version

MFS graph

A 5CAN example for the MFSII version


Do the 5CAN here

Do the MFSII version of the 5CAN here

… or click on the corresponding graph

[1] ECDPM, 2008. Capacity, Change and Performance. Study report by Heather and Peter Morgan. And ECDPM, 2007. A balanced approach to monitoring and evaluating capacity performance. A proposal for a framework by Paul Engel, Niels Keijzer and Tony Land.