Partnership in Uganda

In 2012 Double Loop was involved in a capacity building process with a youth led organization, Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU). Now, exactly two years later RAHU approached Double Loop to work together in a project that aims at building capacity of other youth led organizations working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

The project is funded by Cordaid and aims at strengthening rural youth organizations to show their ambition, inspiration and unique selling points. In the first year the Youth Fund project will provide a grant to four youth organizations in four districts to provide better access to SRHR information for youth in their area. A second component of the project is to train and coach the grantees in different areas of organizational development. This will be organized as a ‘learning by doing’ process, where blocks of theory are directly brought into practice using the granted project as a case.

In this project RAHU will bring in their experience of youth mobilization and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR); Double loop adds to the partnership the facilitation of the organizational assessment and implementation of capacity strengthening. As a part of the process Double Loop will build the capacity of RAHU staff to further expand this approach to other rural youth organizations.

We are proud to note that the initial involvement of Double Loop two years ago has inspired RAHU to support other youth led organizations using a similar approach of capacity building!