The proof of the pudding…

Research uptake and Employment for Stability research programme.

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law and its Working Group Employment for Stability are keen to maximise the social impact of its research programme ‘Employment for Stability.’ It means that research should not be carried out for purely academic learning only, but that it should also be used in practice to increase the social impact by improving employment strategies.

I was involved in the knowledge platform and research programme from its start in 2012. As a working group we prepared the research agenda. Now, the research call has been launched and the winning consortia are awarded.

All stakeholders involved in preparations for the Call regarded research usability, research uptake and policy engagement as indispensable ingredients. It is important to remain vigilant as to whether these essential requirements are respected in practice. It would be a pity if these elements would disappear, because of time constraints or because the research will become an objective on its own.

Against this backdrop I organised a meeting and wrote a report (forthcoming) to prepare recommendations about what the platform could do to maximise the social impact.

Now the proof of the pudding is in the eating.