Who we are

Double Loop is a collective of consultants with extensive field experience as well as in-depth knowledge about change processes, capacity development and design and facilitation of learning events. We tune our approaches to the complexity and specific challenges of each particular process of change. Double Loop learning stands for what we believe in: learning to question one’s assumptions in order to find innovative solutions.

teamimageWe, Double Loop advisors, believe in the power of action learning. We are committed to create space in social development processes to learn from practice. We facilitate practitioners and social organisations to become more effective and capable in bringing about social change. For us increasing organisations’ adaptive capacity is essential in the dynamic, complex contexts of international cooperation.Key to our approach is building capacity of development practitioners to systematically learn from their actions and translate insights and lessons learned directly into their daily practice. In this process we stimulate the linkage between practical experiences and existing concepts; and by bringing to the surface distinctive perspectives and experiences of different stakeholders we facilitate a process of peer learning.
anneke maarse “My drive is to bring people together that share a common interest, or face similar challenges. I am down to earth and practical, and have a strong analytical and strategic mind. What I have to add in our collaboration is my skills in designing learning and change processes as well as my in depth knowledge and experience on planning, monitoring and evaluation.” Anneke’s specializations are Planning, monitoring and evaluation, complexity, and systematic action learning. You find more information about Anneke on LinkedIn
Johan “My drive is to assist, mentor and coach organisations and people that work at solutions in fragile states that fit best to a specific context. I have thorough knowledge on conflict conflict-transformation and post-conflict and reconstruction activities. From different perspectives, – as a practitioner, as a policy officer and as a director – I have hand-on experience which I can bring in at any moment. I add my skills as a networker, analist and strategic thinker to the collaboration.” Johan’s specializations are Fragile states, humanitarian aid, and conflict transformation. You find more information about Johan on Linked In