Planning, monitoring and evaluation

From 2010-2012 one of the Double Loop advisors was co convenor of an action research where 10 NGOs piloted various planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) approaches including outcome mapping, most significant change, client satisfaction instruments, participatory PME tools and Sensemaker. The aim of this action research was to explore to what extent actor focused PME approaches can help development programmes to deal with processes of complex change. The action research looked at 4 research questions dealing with i) relationships, roles and expectations, ii) internal adaptive capacity of a program, iii) upward, downward and horizontal accountability needs, and iv) learning about progress toward the development objectives.

The action research had a series of outputs:

Working paper Policy_Review

Working paper dealing with complex reality in planning, monitoring and evaluation

Main insights from four learning histories

Learning brief first phase action research

Praxis_Paper_26_-_Dealing with complexity through PME

Action Research PME final document


Action Research PME Briefing paper