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Our approach to organised learning

How many times have you been disappointed by the work of consultants either because the advice given was nothing new, or didn’t provide meaningful solutions? You may be surprised to know that in a majority of cases the answers to your problems can be found within your own organisation or practices. To surface these answers an “organised approach” to learning is helpful and necessary.

“Do I do things right, and am I doing the right things?”

The name Double Loop relates to our perceived importance of regularly wondering whether you are doing the right thing to reach the changes you are after: an investigative process which is called “double loop learning”. In contrast, “single loop learning” aims at learning to do better what you already do.

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  • PM&E for Change
  • Learning to better operate in post-conflict settings
  • Value creation in networks
  • A focus on Partnerships
  • Tailored Organisational Assessments
  • Social Inclusion Methods

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